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MetroPCS Quarterly Report


Suspect cellphone 'pocket dials' 911

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Coming Soon to Metro PCS - LG LEON LTE


One of our newest 4G LTE-enabled phones, the LG Leon™ LTE is coming to MetroPCS May 2015. Get ready for:

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MetroPCS Expands to More Markets, Ups Data Bucket

MetroPCS announced today that they increased the number of markets in which it will operate by 10.   Metro will reach consumers in Chattanooga, Tenn.; Chicago, Ill.; Kansas City and St. Louis, Mo.; Milwaukee, Wisc.; Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minn.; Norfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News, and... - read more

Starbucks Announces Rollout of Wireless Charging Stations

Starbucks has announced a national rollout of a wireless charging stations, beginning with stores San Francisco. 


Working in partnership with Duracell, Starbucks will expand Powermat charging stations to additional major markets in 2015, with a full national... - read more

MetroPCS Adds Galaxy Mega to Lineup

MetroPCS today announced that the Samsung Galaxy Mega will be available beginning November 25. The Galaxy Mega, which features a 6.3-inch display, and will run on T-Mobile's HSPA+/LTE networks. Service plans start as low as $40 per month.

Source: Phonescoop

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MetroPCS Selling the Kyocera Hydro XTRM

MetroPCS today announced the immediate availability of the Kyocera Hydro XTRM. The XTRM is a rugged, waterproof Android smartphone. It has a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, Kyocera's Smart Sonic Receiver technology, a 4.0-inch 800 x 480 impact-resistant touchscreen, and a 5.0-megapixel camera... - read more

MetroPCS Now Selling Huawei Pal

MetroPCS stores recently added the Huawei Pal to their lineup of simple feature phones. The Pal, also referred to as the U2800, is a bar-style phone that features a 1.8-inch screen with 160 x 128 pixels and a 900mAh battery. The Pal runs Brew and includes basic messaging and web apps.

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Samsung Outs the Freeform M for MetroPCS

Samsung today provided details about the SGH-T189N, called the Freeform M, for MetroPCS. The Freeform M is a QWERTY-equipped feature phone. It includes a 2.4-inch display with 240 x 320 pixels and a 2-megapixel camera with video capture. The Freeform M supports microSD cards up to 32GB and... - read more

MetroPCS Adds Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available beginning today. The device operates on T-Mobile's network, even though it is being sold under the MetroPCS brand. That means it is compatible with T-Mobile's HSPA+/LTE networks. MetroPCS does not require contracts and monthly service plans for the... - read more

MetroPCS Begins Selling First HSPA+ Phones

MetroPCS today announced that it has initiated sales of HSPA+ based smartphones. Earlier this week, MetroPCS began accepting unlocked HSPA+ phones in several markets, including Boston, Hartford, Las Vegas, and Dallas, and today announced that it is selling the LG L9 and Samsung Galaxy... - read more

T-Mobile to Boost MetroPCS' Footprint

T-Mobile plans to aggressively expand the reach of MetroPCS' network footprint by 100 million points of presence over the next six quarters. The network will expand to 15 major metropolitan areas quickly, though the markets and exact timing were not revealed. T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter,... - read more

T-Mobile and MetroPCS Officially Tie the Knot

T-Mobile USA today announced that it has closed its merger with MetroPCS. Moving forward, the company will be known as T-Mobile US, Inc., and the combined entity will begin trading under the New York Stock Exchange today. The company will remain headquartered in Bellevue, Wash., but will... - read more

MetroPCS Launches LG Spirit 4G

MetroPCS today announced the LG Spirit 4G, a new Android smartphone that has a 4.5-inch display protected by Gorilla Glass. The Spirit runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and is powered by a dual-core 1.2GHz processor. The Spirit has a 5-megapixel main camera that can take 1080p HD video,... - read more

MetroPCS Debuts New Service Plans

MetroPCS today announced new service plans that it hopes will make it easier for customers to pick the plan that's right for them. All the plans offer unlimited voice minutes and unlimited domestic messaging. The least expensive plan now costs $40 per month and offers 500MB of 4G speed.... - read more

Samsung Admire Adds LTE 4G and More for MetroPCS

MetroPCS today announced the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G, a revised version of the Admire that includes support for MetroPCS's LTE 4G network. Other improvements compared to the original boost the processor speed from 800MHz to 1GHz, and increase the screen size from 3.5 inches to 3.6 inches.... - read more

MetroPCS Expands Joyn Availability to More Android Phones

MetroPCS today indicated that its joyn service can now be used on a wider range of its Android handsets. The service initially launched on the Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G. It now also works on the Samsung Galaxy S III and S Lightray 4G; the LG Connect 4G and Motion 4G; the ZTE Anthem 4G; and... - read more

MetroPCS Launches Rich Communication Services

MetroPCS today launched Rich Communication Services, or RCS, under the joyn brand. Joyn is a standards-based Android application that collects and merges messaging services, such as IM and SMS. The app lets users conduct threaded text conversations and supports presence, which lets users... - read more

Huawei Verge Reaches MetroPCS

MetroPCS recently began selling the Huawei Verge via its web site. The Verge is a bar-style feature phone that has a 2.4-inch screen with 640 x 480 resolution. The Verge also has a camera, Bluetooth, 192MHz processor and runs the BREW platform. The Verge has 30MB of internal storage and... - read more

MetroPCS Selling Samsung Galaxy S III

MetroPCS today announced the availability of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The device will be available by October 22. It includes all the same features available on other variants of the device, and supports MetroPCS's LTE 4G network.

Source: Phonescoop

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MetroPCS Debuts the Huawei Pinnacle 2

MetroPCS today made the Huawei Pinnacle 2 available for sale via its web site. The Pinnacle 2 is a bar-style feature phone with a full QWERTY keyboard for messaging. It runs Qualcomm's BREW operating system with a 192MHz processor and features a 1.3-megapixel camera, 2.4-inch display,... - read more

MetroPCS Announces the Coolpad Quattro 4G

MetroPCS today announced the Quattro 4G, a brand new smartphone made by new hardware partner Coolpad Americas. The Quattro 4G runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and includes a 4-inch display, 1GHz processor, a 3.2-megapixel main camera and a VGA user-facing camera. The Quattro 4G is compatible... - read more

LG Motion Brings 4G and Android 4.0 to MetroPCS

MetroPCS today announced the LG Motion 4G, its first Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone. Stand-out features of the LG Motion 4G include a 3.5-inch display with Gorilla Glass and 320 x 480 pixels; dual-core 1.2GHz processor; mobile hotspot; LG Quick Memo; and a 5-megapixel camera... - read more

MetroPCS Offering Unlimited Plan for $55

MetroPCS today announced a new promotional 4G plan that is available for a limited time. The plan offers unlimited voice, text, and LTE 4G data for $55 per month for a single line. Families can put together up to four lines at an even steeper discount for $50 each. MetroPCS hasn't... - read more

MetroPCS Teases Fall Lineup, Including Galaxy S III

At a press event in NYC today, MetroPCS revealed a rough sketch of four 4G LTE phones it plans to bring to market later this year. The company is currently testing Samsung's Galaxy S III, and plans to launch it "later this year." Another, smaller Samsung will come to market supporting... - read more

MetroPCS Launches World's First VoLTE Service

MetroPCS today announced that it has become the first carrier in the world to launch Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) service, and started selling the world's first commercially-available VoLTE phone, an updated version of the LG Connect, which first went on sale in March. MetroPCS plans to start... - read more

MetroPCS Galaxy S Lightray 4G, With Dyle Mobile TV

MetroPCS today made an official announcement regarding the availability of the Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G. The Lightray, which was uncovered earlier this week, is an Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone that offers access to the Dyle mobile TV service. The Lightray also includes LTE 4G,... - read more

Samsung Lightray Bringing Dyle TV To MetroPCS

Phone Scoop has confirmed that MetroPCS is prepping to offer the Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G with Dyle mobile local broadcast TV. Dyle is working with local affiliates of major networks to offer local network TV on phones. The service is direct broadcast, not streaming over data networks.... - read more

LG Optimus M+ Available from MetroPCS

MetroPCS recently began selling the LG Optimus M+ through its web site and retail stores. The M+ is similar to the Optimus Elite, which is being sold by Sprint and Boost Mobile, though the M+ looses NFC and Google Wallet. The handset runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and has a 3.5-inch display... - read more

MetroPCS Outs Promotional $25 Unlimited Talk & Text Plan

MetroPCS this week launched a new plan that offers unlimited voice minutes and messaging for $25 per month. The plan, which is going to be available until June 30, is for new customers only and is compatible with just three handsets: the Huawei Pinnacle, Kyocera Presto, and Samsung... - read more

MetroPCS Selling the ZTE Score M Starting Today

MetroPCS began selling the ZTE Score M via its web site today. The ZTE Score is a variant of the Score sold by Cricket Wireless. MetroPCS's version has a slightly larger battery and is slightly thicker, though other features remain unchanged. The Score M is an Android 2.3 Gingerbread... - read more

MetroPCS Revives $40 Smartphone Plan

MetroPCS today announced that is once again offering a $40 plan to all 4G LTE smartphones within its portfolio. This plan had previously been available only for the Samsung Craft, which MetroPCS ceased to sell in December. The new $40 monthly plan includes unlimited talk, text, 4G web... - read more

MetroPCS Kills Off $40 Unlimited Plan

MetroPCS has quietly discontinued offering its cheapest unlimited LTE data plan, for which it charged $40 per month. The company confirmed that the plan was dropped when MetroPCS ceased offering the Samsung Craft, its first LTE 4G phone, in late December. Moving forward, MetroPCS is... - read more

MetroPCS Gains the Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G with LTE

MetroPCS today announced the Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G, a new Android smartphone that supports MetroPCS's Long Term Evolution 4G network. The Attain 4G runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread, has a 3.5-inch display, and is powered by a 1GHz processor. The Attain 4G has a 3.2-megapixel main camera... - read more

LG Brings LTE to MetroPCS with the Connect 4G

MetroPCS today announced the addition of the LG Connect 4G to its smartphone lineup. The LG Connect 4G can access MetroPCS's Long Term Evolution 4G network and includes a 4.0-inch Nova display with Gorilla Glass and a dual-core 1.2GHz processor. It has a 5-megapixel main camera with a... - read more

MetroPCS to Launch Live TV Service Later this Year

MetroPCS today announced that it has partnered with Mobile Content Ventures in order to launch a live, local broadcast television service on MetroPCS mobile phones later this year. The service, called Dyle Mobile TV, will provide live TV content from 15 major broadcast groups, such as Cox,... - read more

MetroPCS Adds HTC Wildfire S to Lineup

MetroPCS today announced that the HTC Wildfire S, its first Android phone from HTC. The Wildfire S runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and has Sense 3.0.

Source: Phoenscoop

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MetroPCS Intros 'tokidoki' Branded Huawei M835

MetroPCS today announced a new special edition of the Huawei M835 that has been customized by tokidoki. The color scheme of the device has been revised from black to white with blue accents. It includes two interchangeable battery covers and is pre-loaded with branded tokidoki content,... - read more

MetroPCS Pulls the Kyocera Presto Out of Its Hat

MetroPCS recently began selling the Kyocera Presto, a simple, bar-style feature phone that has a basic feature set. This BREW-based device has a 1.8-inch display and comes with a camera, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, speakerphone, and a number of entry-level application, such as text/picture... - read more

LG Beacon Lights Up MetroPCS' Lineup

This touch-based CDMA messaging phone is like the LG Cosmos, and includes a 2.8-inch touch screen, sliding text keyboard, 1.3 megapixel camera, memory card slot, and stereo Bluetooth. It also has an MP3 player, speakerphone, and GPS-based navigation. The LG Beacon is available without a... - read more

LG Brings Esteem To MetroPCS' 4G Lineup

MetroPCS today announced the LG Esteem, the company's third 4G LTE phone. Nearly identical to the LG Revolution for Verizon, the Esteem differs only in the amount of internal memory (8 GB on the Esteem) and the frequency bands it supports for LTE, to match Metro's network. The phone is... - read more

MetroPCS Selling Samsung Admire

MetroPCS announced that it is offering the Samsung Admire starting today. The Admire is a monoblock Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone with a 3.5-inch display, a 3.2-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3.5mm headset jack and 800MHz processor. It also includes a microSD port for cards up to... - read more

MetroPCS Says Hello Hello Hello to Rhapsody Music Service

MetroPCS today announced that it has struck a deal with Rhapsody in order to provide Rhapsody's music service to MetroPCS customers. The Rhapsody Unlimited Music service will be bundled into MetroPCS's $60 unlimited plan at no additional cost. Subscribers to the plan can download the... - read more

MetroPCS Outs Two New Phones

Shared features between the Huawei M835 and Samsung Freeform III include stereo Bluetooth, 3G, and support for 32GB microSD cards. Plans for both phones start at $40 per month.

  • Huawei M835: This bar-style smartphone runs Android 2.2 Froyo and has a 2.8-inch... - read more

MetroPCS Launches Visual Voicemail

MetroPCS today announced the availability of two new visual voicemail services to a select number of handsets. Visual Voicemail allows customers to see their voicemails listed on the phone and listen to them in whichever order they prefer. Visual Voicemail Plus adds transcriptions of the... - read more

38 years have passed since the first cell phone call

Yesterday, 38 years passed since Dr. Martin Cooper of Motorola placed the first phone call on a cell phone while taking a stroll on the streets of New York City in the distant April 3rd of 1973. Cooper made a dazzling demonstration by calling none other than rival Dr. Engel, research chief of... - read more

MetroPCS Introduces TapouT Special Edition Android Handset, Nationwide Tour with MMA's Best Fighters

Custom Huawei Ascend brings the thrill of the cage to the palm of your hand with pre-loaded, exclusive TapouT training content and new TapouT application

DALLAS, March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- MetroPCS Communications, Inc., in partnership with SA Studios Global, today... - read more

Wireless Humor: Burglar arrested after leaving his cellphone charging in his victim's wall outlet

With many of today's older phone models losing battery power too quickly to suit users, it is no surprise that 25 year old Cody Wilkins was upset. His phone was running out of power and the fierce blizzard had cut off power to Mr. Wilkins' home in Silver Spring, Maryland. So he packed up his... - read more

MetroPCS Launches 4G LTE Service in Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami and Orlando Metropolitan Areas

New network and entertainment-rich Samsung Craft offer unlimited, affordable 4G LTE Service in Four Additional Markets

DALLAS – (January 25, 2011) – MetroPCS Communications, Inc. (NYSE: PCS) today expanded its no annual contract 4GLTE service into the... - read more

San Francisco Gains MetroPCS LTE Coverage

MetroPCS today announced that its LTE network is live in San Francisco. MetroPCS customers can purchase the Samsung Craft for $299 and take advantage of MetroPCS's prepaid service plans. MetroPCS launched LTE in three Florida markets earlier this week and now has LTE service in 14 markets.

... - read more

MetroPCS Launches Dallas as Second LTE Market

MetroPCS today announced the addition of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area as its second Long Term Evolution 4G market. As with its launch in Las Vegas, customers in the Dallas area will have access to the Samsung Craft device, which can use the LTE network for wireless broadband data.
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MetroPCS Launches LTE in Las Vegas - Names More Cities

MetroPCS has officially launched Long Term Evolution Service in Las Vegas, making it the first commercial LTE deployment in the U.S. In addition to the LTE 4G network launch, MetroPCS has also announced that availability of the Samsung Craft, the first LTE phone. The Craft, which was announced... - read more

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